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June 15th - Kyle Redd

Kyle Redd came to Ft Worth after traveling across the country with Kim Carson, playing throughout the gulf coast region, from Houston to Gul Shores, Al.
After establishing himself in cowtown as a lead guitarist, he hooked up with Bodie Powell and together they created the sound their band performs. Kyle, who writes and arranges his material, leans heavily on Bodie for his experience, which spans nearly 40 years. Bodie, a bass player since the late 60's, has played with such names as Johnny Cash, Little Jimmy Dickens, and on the Grand Old Opry before coming to Texas with his family. (Kyle is married to Bodie's daughter Chrystal). Along with Larry Dillon, John Deans and Dave Laakso, Kyle creates a unique sound unlike anything heard in the DFW area. The band has one album out and are in the procress of creating the next on due out at the end of 2011.